Monday, December 20, 2010

Short long run

I ended up cutting my planned 5 miles to 2.5 for a very good reason: movie night with the hubby! I'll do the 5 miles Wednesday instead of its planned 2 miler. Husband has been begging to see Tron since we first saw the Tron-covered monorail in Disney in May, and was super-excited to see it in 3D last night.

My review: better than I expected, but I really wasn't looking forward to it. I don't enjoy the original, though, either - maybe that's a generational issue, and I'm too young to appreciate it?

Here's my workout plan for the week:

M: 3 miles
W: 5 miles
R: 4 miles
S: 6 miles

What's yor plan for the week?

Do you liike Tron?

1 comment:

  1. We haven't seen Tron yet, but were equally excited to see the tronorail at WDW in September. :-)
    Looks like you have a great training plan for the week! I'm betting that you are a not a Christmas celebrator as you have a 6 miler planned for that day. I have to say though- I am a Christmas gal and I might run anyway!