Saturday, December 18, 2010

Coconut Water (a peer pressure issue)

I have been reading food/weight loss/fitness blogs for over a year. Thanks to them, I have learned to add pumpkin to my oatmeal,  love smoothies with spinach, and have more than my fair share of cookie recipes. The often-recommended Zensah calf sleeves? Love them - saved me during many races and feel so good I even slept in them during the height of the shin splint issue.

One thing I see popping up more and more blogs (and on Top Chef All Stars, if anyone else watches) is Coconut Water. People drink it with breakfast, and before, during, and after running. I thought it had to be great. So I bought two "juice boxes" of coconut water, one plain and one pomegranite acai. I tried the flavored one first, after a long run. It was cold and smooth - and tasted like a mix of cheap mouthwash, suntan lotion, and citrus. No go.

I chalked that up to the flavoring, and tried the plain juice box a few days later. Just not good - too pungent, too "lying in a tanning bed" tasting. Not for me - looks like I'll be sticking with G2 for my running hydration.

What have you tried from blogs that didn't work for you?

This is Miss Mo, about three years ago as a puppy. Thought you might need a little bit of cute.

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