Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Goals

I have a lot of hopes and wishes for 2011, but they mainly fall into these 3 categories:

  • I started 2010 with a 5k, and have been running all year, lowering my 5k PR and doing my first half marathon

2010 Resolution Run, Nashville TN, with LIZ!
  In 2011, I want to do more. Specifically, I want to run 11 half marathons in 2011. A few I have figured out, a few I still need to choose. I want to start training for a full, with a goal race in early 2012.

  • I want to do more for other people. One thing that has been weighing on my heart is wanting to use running to do work for other people. Cancer has touched many people in my life, and I feel like it is such a giant that anything anyone can do to fight it is more than worthwhile. I have three mini goals with this: Run a race as fundraising runner for a cancer related charity; Participate in the local Relay for Life in June; host a 5k race with the help of the professional organization (Professional Managers Network) that I am a member of

  • Be less self conscious. Continue to work on the idea the number on the scale does not some how correlate to the value of the person on the other side. Still not sure how to do this one  . . .
What are your goals for the new year?


  1. congrats on your running year! That sounds amazing- I hope to one day have time to train for a marathon! On the self esteem thing- it's so hard, but I think blogging about your journey helps. And I may or may not have thrown out my scale- which has worked wonders :-)

  2. Sounds like a great year and glad I found your blog to follow what sounds like a great 2011 for you!

  3. Great goals - 11 half marathons, that's amazing!!

    I'm still working on my goals...i think a few are going to be carried over from this year!

  4. Thanks for checing out my blog!! wow 11 half marathons?! what a fabulous goal!