Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Recap

I am working four days this week, so no major time off for me. I promise a longer recap post with pictures on Thursday, when I'm not rushing back and forth to work. I hope all of you had a lovely holiday!

A quick recap:

Christmas Eve:
 - Strength training session at the Y
 - Last minute shopping with the Husband
 - I made a batch of the blog-famous cake balls!
 - Gift opening and dinner at my parents

Christmas Day
 - No run - serious migrane
 - Gifts to each other at our house
 - Drove the threeish hours to my inlaws
 - Gifts and presents with them. Ate a very interesting raspberry and chocolate triffle
 - Came home, became quickly addicted to the Storage Wars show on A&E

Favorite gifts: yoga class passes, new Ipod shuffle, several running books, and new Northface. My six-year-old one looks like it has bad mange, so this is a nice surprise. (Also, fyi, if you are short like me, you can wear the little girl's sizes for less than half the price of the adults'.)

 - Grocery store
 - 5.6 miler in 1:06. Super icy, thankfully didn't bust my hiney on the ground.
 - Work

What was your favorite gift? Are you working this time of year?

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  1. mmmm cake balls! So good. Hope the migraine went away and you enjoyed your run today.