Monday, December 20, 2010

Eating Wrong

Let me preface this with a picture:
This picture is the reason I run. This is me, at 23, and about 200 pounds, give or take. I don't weigh myself for a variety of reasons, mainly because it turns me into a crazy-number-hunting-b*witch. This was during a research conference in Texas. I had no idea I was that big. I knew I was big, but not like that. You know what sucks? Weighing 200 pounds in Texas in July. Just miserable.

I have gone done 2 to 3 clothing sizes since then. I couldn't have run 2 minutes, now I can run for hours. But I'm still not quite I want to be. I'm a junk food junkie, I'll admit. It has gotten better-I didn't eat salad AT ALL until I was 22. I eat more whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean protien that ever. But I think I could do better.
One goal for 2011 is to be more aware of my food. Of not eating whatever's easiest (vending machine popcorn  and M&M "trail mix"), but of trying to be a better runner by eating better. No diets. They just me grumpy. Just better food choices.

What's your junk food secret pleasure?

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  1. Mine is sweets...OMG if you put one of something in front of me, I will eat the whole box. Don't beat yourself up. You were still gorgeous at 200 pounds and now that you've gone down a few sizes you are just now more healthy :) Food is my weakness and I am with you on the numbers game. I hate weighing myself and can become quite obssessive if I don't let myself be. Remember to listen to your body, stop when you're full and always take note of how you feel when you do eat unhealthy. I usually feel like crap so I tell myself, eat healthy and I'll feel great. Weight has been a struggle for me ALL my life. You're not alone :) Hang in there and make 2011 a good one!