Friday, December 17, 2010

Running Groups

Today was a rest day - caused mainly by a 16-hour work day. Long run tomorrow morning.

I ran by myself for almost a year, most of that time as a casual/occasional runner. In July, when I signed up to for my first half, I was running all my runs alone. I knew the local running store had a  group that met a few times a week, but I was too afraid to go.

I am slow. Runners, real runners, I told myself, were fast. And thin, and muscular. Not short, and curvy, and slow. So I ran alone. But as my total number of weekly miles increased, it got more and more boring to be myself. So I became brave, and went to a Thursday night run, telling myself I didn’t have to go again.

Surprise: There was a whole group of 12ish/13ish minute milers, who train and run marathons and other races. I was not exceptionally slow, and I enjoyed the camaraderie. I love my running group. When I had to miss three weeks due to shin issues, it was so sad to miss a time to gripe and sweat and share the running experience. I’ve learned about pace, fueling, and even recipes from my slow-and-steady pace group.

My advice: if a group around you runs locally, try to join. You don’t ever have to go back again, but you might want to.  

Do you run with a group?

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