Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Record Breaking Run

I set out to do 5 miles tonight, but given the below freezing temp and snow on the ground, I told myself I would just run for an hour and map the distance when I get home. I started out feeling strong, dodging some icy spots, but keeping a fast pace. It caught up with me though - I hit a "wall" at about 35 minutes in and had to walk. How is it that in 27 degree weather, wearing a tech shirt, light fleece, pants, and no other layers, that I overheat and get sweaty and miserable? Any cures for I'm-too-hot-so-I-panic-syndrome? After a three minute mental breakdown/walk break where I decided that I hate running and hate being outside and could be a happy voluptous girl at home eating cookie dough and not sweating in the snow, I was able to make myself run again. All in all, I walked a total of 10 minutes during the run today, not bad at all for me.

I was able to really fly the last 5 minutesm, and was winded by the time I got back to my car. Total time: 59:47. I mapped it when I got home and was AMAZED by the distance: 5.26 miles, for an average pace of 11.26. That's close to my 5K PR pace, and I was able to maintain it for 5 miles!! This pace would give me a 2:26 half, a full thirty minutes off my PR. It is very encourgaing, after a run that felt hard, to know all this work pays off!!

Only two more days until Chirstmas! What running gifts do you hope Santa is bringing you?


  1. That's awesome! It's pretty exciting when you see progress!
    Santa can bring me new shorts, running tops, and if he wants to come a few days early he can bring me some WARM running clothes for tomorrow! : )

  2. Good for you!
    (it always feels great when a lousyish run is DONE especially when you hit a mileage record!)
    Have a great Holiday!

  3. oh thats awesome! I would have gone to the treadmill, thats cold! But I live in TX so anything below 60F is cold to me, haha. Way to stick it out.

  4. Your blog is so inspiring! I desperately need to lose some weight and need to get off my butt and run! Thanks!

  5. I totally get "hitting a wall". Some days I can run forever and others it is a struggle to make one mile. Kuddos to you for making yourself finish! My rule is nothing less than 4 miles. It was 5 or 6 this summer, but I am sticking to a marathon training plan and Tuesday is normally a four mile run.