Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good morning!

The weather had forecasted a "catastrophic ice storm" for my area, but luckily all we got was a about a 1/2 inch of ice and lots of rain.
Here's a quick recap of my past few days:
Sunday - work, 3 mile run in 32:14 with hubby, pizza for dinner
Monday: work, school, 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer, 20 minutes on the seated ellipitical, abs

The Arc Trainer is a new piece of equipment for me.
The biggest difference between this and a standard ellipitcal is that your knees stay slightly bent the entire rotation, like in a mini-squat position. I'm always looking for ways to work my legs muscles differently than running - but this is way different. I'm basically walking like I just off a horse today!

Princess is less than a month away! I have half my outfit for the half figured out, and a good idea of what I'm going to wear for the 5K. I'm getting a little panicked, but hopefully making a packing list later today will help!

Are you an overpacker or an underpacker?
I tend to take everything I could ever possibly need. The husband would only take one pair of socks for a week if I let him.


  1. I take way too much stuff with me to races. Several bags full of stuff. Never sure what I need or will want that day, so I guess it is better to have it with me :)