Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running low

Last night the weather the gorgeous: 47 and sunny. I got home fairly early, changed clothes, and headed out for what should have been a fabulous run. And my legs simple said "No." They were tired from walking around at work for 11 hours, from speed work on Friday night (2 miles in 22:14), and from being two weeks away from a half. And my Ipod was dead. So I scrapped the plan for a long run, and did something different: I picked a trail that is 1.5 miles start to finish, and ran it as an out-and-back. The first time, I did it walking 30 seconds and running one minute. On the way back, I ran five minutes, walked one. I finished in 34:17, not bad. I still need two longish runs to feel comfortable at princess, so hopefully I can fit them in later this week and next weekend.

What do you do when your body says "No" to running?

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  1. If my body says "no" to running, I generally just find something else (walking, etc) to do instead. I'd rather avoid injury and burnout than stick to my schedule!