Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Things Thursday

A new blog series is starting here today! I'd like to take Thursdays and share three things I'm currently loving with you guys.

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough lara bars

2. Hot yoga, especially since the Y has been closed for the past two days, and the ice outside has made running impossible. The husband was stir crazy enough to try his first class last night!

3. Heavy on A&E. Great, realistic weight loss show.

What are your current obsessions?


  1. I love I Used to Be Fat on MTV, it's additive!

    If you want a chance to win a Road ID, you can enter my giveaway. You'd have a good chance since I have about 8 readers :)

  2. I hvae to check out heavy--I know I'd be into it! Love #1 and #2!

  3. me too! I did hot yoga to stay warm! it was the best, right?