Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yesterday's Eats and Valentine shopping

Yesterday I worked 9 hours and still got home by 2:30pm. My mom and I then did some shopping I got the husband's Valentine present: his very own navy blue yoga mat, as well as a yellow and hot pink tank to complete my outfit for the half at Princess. I also replenshied my running fuel stocking of TriBerry Gu and sports beans, and picked up a Berry Clif Shot to try. We then hit up Vicky's for some new underroos (does the word underwear embarass anyone else? Or am I 12?) and went to the grocery. I had one grocery mission in mind: get food to eat at work. That isn'y candy.

My eats yesterday:
Randomly grazed while at work: Large diet coke, 2 pretzel rods, 1 mini tootsie roll, 3 hershey kisses
1:00 Smoothie with a banana, frozen strawberries, milk, and ice
2:45 8oz chocolate milk
7:30 The best dinner I have ever cooked

I did an early VDay dinner for the husband last night, and made Shrimp Scampi and garlic bread. Seriously, the best scampi I have ever had, and I order scampi whenever it's on the menu. I recently found the blog How Sweet It Is (here) and am in love with her writing and her recipes. I used her scampi recipe, but cut the amount of butter in half, used frozen shrimp, and use white onion instead of scallions. AMAZING. Make it now - even for breakfast.

What are your Valentine's Day Plans?


  1. So Glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours!! Your Vday dinner sounds DELISH. I hope you have a good weekend!! xoxoxo

  2. My husband has class on Monday nights, so we have no V-day plans. I'm thinking a homemade pizza will be our fancy dinner :)

  3. I'm really hungry after reading about your dinner- yum!
    I ate a shot block bar thingey today and thought the texture was odd but it went down easily and stayed down- that's the trick, right!
    Happy Valentines Day! :-)