Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Night

I was at work four full hours later than planned, and had to run an errand for my boss after I left. I ended up making it unplanned rest day (and I have to say I feel a little guilty about that).

For the next day or two, I'm still going to post whatever I eat, without trying to make major changes. Then next week I'll try to address the issues (like lack of actual food) this is making evident.

3:00 Pretzel rod
6:00 8oz chocolate milk
7:30 Five guys hot dog loaded, 1/3 of a small french fry, 1/2 diet coke mixed with 1/2 Mello Yello

Can I simply express my love for Five Guys? I know it's not the healthiest option, but for a "cheat" meal, it's probably my top choice! The one in my area only opened in August and is already super busy.

What's your favorite burger joint?


  1. I love 5 Guys. It was my go-to pregnancy craving burger place :)

  2. There are 2 5 Guys near me, but I still haven't been. I guess I need to try it out because I'm a sucker for a good Burger and Fries!! : )

  3. Never heard of "5 Guys" before but it sounds delicious! Is it a chain? I used to live near a "Big Dog" in Boulder, CO. Loved it.

    Just found your blog. Good luck with your running. My wife started about a year ago and is happier than ever that she did.