Saturday, February 5, 2011

You know it's snowy when . .

You plan your long run to include two chance to change your socks. We got about three inches snow, but then it warmed up to 37, and left all the sidewalks covered in slush. At one point I stepped ina puddle up to my shin. I begged and pleaded with a co worker to work tonight for me, so I got an entire day off today. I was able to spend four hours doing homework, run, and do quite a bit of laundry.
I ate lunch in the library food court, something I have done a million times as a undergrad and then while in grad school for my first master's. It was different this time though: instead of immediately getting a sausage pizza or chicken strips, I found myself reading labels, drinking diet Coke, and choosing a chicken wrap with no dressing. And no sour patch kids or iced cookies either.
    My run went really well. I think I'm finally found a GU flavor I can tolerate - Tri Berry - though I can't figure out how to eat while running - advice, ladies? I did 9.68 miles in slush in 2:09:58, a speed I am very proud of and that makes me really good about Princess.My ankles felt a little weak around about 1:45, but don't hurt to bad now. My evening plans include watching Heavy and Toddler and Tiaras, drinking G2 Gatorade, and fighting serious postrun queasies (I tried the pepto trick, and it still didn't help). Hope you're warm and snow-free where you are!


  1. My tip is to open the Gu before you start. I keep mine in a pouch on my water bottle, so no leakage concerns. I do have to slow down a bit to take it, but at least running while eating it takes my mind off how gross it is. Maybe I should get some tri-berry. Everyone raved about the Vanilla Bean flavor and it was pretty nasty. I guess too many people told me it tasted like frosting and I had high expectations :)

  2. Holy moly three pairs of socks! Yuck!
    I usually stop and walk while eating GU. I rip it open with my teeth and then indulge! lol I love GU and I really like Tri-Berry! :0)