Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last night I got off work about two hours later than planned, so my 2:30-hour run wasn't possible. Instead, I ran an hour at tempo pace (12:00 minutes miles for me) on the hilliest route I've got. My legs felt like jello at the end! I'll be getting that long run in on Wednesday instead.

I also did the first half of my grocery shopping yesterday. I usually go to two stores: Kroger and local co-op. At the co-op, I buy all our meat, which is locally and organically raised, fresh bread, and sometime items that are on sale that would be cheaper than Kroger. Last night's buy: chicken sausage, frozen shoe string fries, ground turkey, and bacon.

Today I'm working, heading to the grocery, and then hope to get in a quick run. It was almost 40 here yesterday, and it seemed like everyone in town was out running or walking.

Where do you grocery shop?


  1. Where I live we really only have 1 grocery store and it's called United or you can go to Walmart (not my favorite). But we did just get a SunHarvest and it's an all natural grocery store and their produce is pretty cheap!! Love that!! Hope you have a good day!! :@)

  2. Sounds like a productive day! Sorry you got off of work late! :0(

  3. Well, i'm originally from Arkansas, so i'm kinda loyal to Wal Mart. (and it's cheap!)

  4. great day!! i live in the UK so i shop at places her ebut my favs in the states are whole food and trader joes!