Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reflection and Prediction

Race day is almost here! I wanted to do a recap of my training, and what I think I did differently compared to my first two halfs.

The "Good":
  • I did speedwork, at least weekly, for the first time ever. My 1 mile best is down almost a minute from October
  • I avoided injury, minus itchy-foot thing, which isn't really an injury
  • I found long run fueling that I feel confident about
The "Bad":
  • I missed a long run due to last week's stomach flu
  • I didn't get as many long-long runs as I wanted. My longest has been around 2:20 in time
The "I don't know":
  • I cross trained alot. Strength training, Zumba, ellipitical, core work, and yoga. I know I am in better shape overall than I ever have been: my aerobic ability and my core strength are way better than they were in December. What I don't know: if running only (like I did last time) or this mix will make me a better half marathon. I do know it keeps me from being achy (and getting hurt) and that in itself makes it worthwhile
I hate to share a time goal with you. Because then whatever time I finish I will have to publicly compare to the goal. But 2011 for me is about being brave. So here it is.

My first half I completed in 2:56:54. My second, on trails, took 3:15. This goal: 2:50. Six minutes faster, which I know is a *ton* of time in the running world.

We fly out at 7 in the morning - wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! You are going to do awesome- and don't worry about the missed long runs. I missed TWO out of the VERY few (like, 7) that I had time for.
    I bet your time is going to be even better- I think you're going to KILL your PR and run it in 2:41:24.

  2. Good luck!!! I think this will definitely be a PR for you! And if it's not, then blame it on taking fun Disney pictures, girl!! :) Most importantly, have fun!!!

  3. Best of luck!! It sounds like you got some great training in - I'm sure you'll do wonderful!

  4. Good luck!! This is such a great race!! Have fun out there!!

  5. Good Luck! You will do great! Can't wait to hear all about it!