Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Hope everyone is staying warm during this wintery mess! We only got about 1 inch of ice, and though it's snowing a little, we missed the brunt of the storm. The Y was closed last night, though, so I ended up with an unplanned (but much appreciated) rest day. Even my class was cancelled due to bad forecasts. How much snow did you get?

I have to say I am very seriously contemplating Chicago. It would change up my running goals (eliminating some of the fall halfs), but I feel like this race is so special . . . I don't know. I would like to run with a charity - have any of you done a race with a charity group? The only thing that scare me is the 6:30 cut off time (a 14:54 mile pace), but I feel like I have plenty of time to train to be able to come in around 5:30 or 5:45. How do you decide what races to do?

Off to work for the afternoon, then hopefully to get a good run in at the Y. Stay warm!


  1. We only got about half an inch, but school was canceled yesterday and delayed today because temperature with wind chill was -20. I teach at a low income school, and most of my kids walk to school or ride the bus. The majority of them would still come to school without jackets or proper clothes so thank goodness my school district made good choices.
    Hope the Y is open for you today!!

  2. I feel fortunate that we didn't get any snow or ice. Just been cold. I'm out in the Pacific NW, however, and that could be why! Hope the weather gets better for you soon!