Thursday, January 6, 2011


Last nights run didn't happen. I got off work about three hours later than planned, so I instead went home, did some lunges, squats, and about an half hour of time with the exercise band doing arm work. Hopefully I'll get a good run in tonight.

I have a question for you ladies: do you run in running skirts? I am trying to figure out what to wear for the half and the 5k at Princess, and while a skirt sounds fun, would they work for those of us who fight "chub rub"? Would I be better off with one with ones shorts underneath vs. the briefs that some of them come with?

What is your preferred bottom to run in? I love the Nike Pacer shorts and any brand of capri tights.


  1. Great question! I, too, fight the dreaded "chub rub". :) I pretty much run exclusively in capris, but i do have two running skirts.

    One from Road Runner sports and one from Nike, both have the biking shorts underneath. I find that they tend to ride up a bit, but i use Body Glide on my thighs to prevent chafing. Good luck!

  2. I was intrigued by the skirt and now own 3 - two with shorts, one with the brief. The shorts can ride up, depending on make. I finally broke down and bought a Running Skirts one on sale, with the brief, and am in love with it. But, Body Glide for sure - I need that with shorts regardless.

  3. If you find a running skirt with longer compression tights underneath, you'll be good to go! I LOVE my running skirts even better than my shorts. They are fun!

  4. I was apprehensive of running in a skirt, but I love them now! Definitely like the ones with the attached shorts. My fave is one I got from Skirt Sports.