Friday, January 14, 2011

180.00 - my number for the week!

Sorry I've been missing the past two days! Here's a quick recap:

Wednesday night: 5 mile indoor track run - 6 inches of snow in Southern Indiana.
Thursday: Loooong work day, 1.5 mile run, 11 minutes of elliptical with slightly achy shin, followed by aqua zumba l
I get my car back today - three weeks after it went to the repair shop! Thank goodness. I have missed automatic windshield wipers and heated seats a little too much.
I get most of the three-day weekend off, minus coming in for while Monday to do some work. I have a long run Saturday: 2 hours. My first "major" run of Princess training; for some reason, anything under that time seems much less serious. I'm debating the settting of this run: outside on still-snowy sidewalks, or at the Y on a combo of treadmill and track. The biggest plus of being inside: I can start running earlier, and be done earlier (maybe in time for a quick hot tub soak afterwards!). The rest of my time off will be spend cleaning: my house is almost out of control dirty. I have only had 6 days off since Thanksgiving, and it shows. I also plan on cleaning out my closet, since I have tons of clothes that I simply don't wear any more. I pixie'd my hair in November, and it changes what clothes you look good in. I *LOVE* short hair (have had it most of my life) but it rules out certain pieces of clothing, like turtlenecks (no-neck syndrome) and plaid shirts (k.d. lang syndrome).
I am starting to get pre-Princess planning fear, and would like to get some idea of what I'll need to buy to take with me for the race. A question: anyone use a spi-belt or similar product? Recommendations?

What are your weekend plans?


  1. My house always looks little rough, it's too many days of using nap time for workouts and blogging instead of cleaning! About once a week, I skip the workout and just clean...yuck :)

  2. I have not used a spi belt, but i've heard great things about them!

  3. A couple of the girls I run with use a spi belt and they love them!

  4. I've used an iFitness belt which is similar to a spi belt and I was impressed with it. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did.