Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow day!

Not really - just a snowy work day. I wasn't brave enough to venture out running on the ice this morning, so I instead took a 20-minute ab class (and learned I have no core strength) at the Y and proceded to run on the hated 'mill. I made a promise myself: if I could go 70 minutes with no walk breaks, an all-running PR by 5 minutes, then I could quit before making it to the 90 minute mark. I was able to keep race pace for the first 45 minutes, then slowed down, but I made it! Thank goodness for my Ipod!

I have a question for all you: I am starting classes again Monday, as post-graduate student. I feel like I have been out of student mode for FOREVER. What do need to buy/do to get ready? I know I need my laptop, but beyond that I feel clueless. How do you get ready for the first day?


  1. congrats on your PR!! And good luck with school - Lord, all i can remember is to bring a notebook & pen! ;)

  2. All I can remember about the first day is to lay out a really cute outfit the night before :) I'm guessing the prof will outline what you need on the first day when the syllabus is passed out! I LOVE school, so I hope you let us know all the fun stuff you experience!

    Great job on the run! Reaching a goal is so rewarding!!


  3. Little post-it tabs to mark important pages in books got me through grad school, I highly recommend those. I also had this highlight that had the little post it tabs included and that was the most awesome thing ever.

    Now I want to go back to school :)