Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Push it, Push it real good

Husband and I ran 2.75 miles yesterday. He is training for the Royal family 5k at Disney, and doesn't ever run anywhere but on a treadmill, so I persauded him to run outside with me. I did a few out-and-backs waiting on him: run ahead, run back to him, repeat. It began to rain mid run, so we cut our loop short.

I also went to zumba last night, and basically got my rear-end kicked. The music was old school hip hop, and I did more body rolls in that hour than I have in the whole rest of my life combined. Great fun, and great sweaty workout! I am a little sore today, especially my shins, which are weak from being babied so much.

My workout plan for the week:
T: 2-3 miles, school night!
W: 2-3 miles, aerobic class
R: 2-3 miles, aqua zumba
F: Aerobic class, yoga, or elliptical
S: 2:15 minute run
S: Rest Day

What are your workout plans for the week?


  1. Aqua zumba? That sounds fun!

    I never plan my workouts for the week because the baby likes to mix things up for me. Other than my long run, all workouts are spontaneous.

  2. That's great you got your husband out with you. I can never get mine to go with me, he sticks to the TM.

  3. Do you take Zumba classes at a gym? I really want to sign up for a class, i think it'd be fun. :)

  4. I do take Zumba at the gym - I have a fitness class pass for the Y that lets me take unlimited classes during a two month period.