Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Busy week!

Yesterday after work I went to the orthopedist (all is well!), ran 2.98 miles in 29:00 minutes, and then began the process of registering for classes. Yup, I am officially going back to school this semester. Yay for me. (Or not. Kind of dreading this, actually) Tonight, I have few things to finish booking for the trip for Princess, then hope to get in a run and a class at the Y.

The exciting thing? All our dining reservations are made! Here's how the week looks:
F: Dinner at Cape May Cafe
S: Lunch at Coral Reef (1st time to eat there), Dinner at Shutters at Carribean Beach
S: Lunch at San Angel Inn (1st time to eat there, Dinner at  . . . CINDERELLA'S CASTLE. Finally got reservations for this! I am 5-year-old-kid exciting about eating here.
M: Breakfast at Tusker House, Dinner at Narcosoosee's

What is a dream restaurant for you?

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  1. I have always wanted to eat in the castle!!! I hope you enjoy it. Post lots of photos!