Sunday, January 23, 2011


Happy Sunday all! I did a quick workout after church this morning, and set a new PB in the amount of weight I can squat for 10 reps: 100 pounds! I've added two pages the blog: one with my goals, and one to share all my meatless Monday ideas. I spent a good three years as a vegetarian, so I have a special love for veggie-based meals. I have work and homework to do tonight (with a 5 hour turn around between when I get off tonight and when I go back in tomorrow!).

What are your Sunday night plans?

Also, this playoff weekend leaves me with no teams to root for - I am a fan of the 1.Colts, 2. Giants, 3. Lions. Anyone want to sell me on their team of choice?


  1. I'm a Jags fan! :) I also have to root for the Broncos now that they have my man Tebow.

    But my true passion is for the college football. And in that case, Go Gators! :)

  2. With the Colts out, I'm now rooting for the Packers! I love underdog victories :)

  3. Nice work on your squats!! We are a Seahawk house, so now jsut want good games!