Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Treadmill Time

I got in a quick 30-minute treadmill run, abs, and squats and lunges before by class last night. We had about 6 inches of snow, so I had to coordinate my (quick) gym time with the Husband so we could drive there and back. I am *still* in a rental from my accident three weeks ago, and the little compact car doesn't do too well in snow.
I had class from 6:40 - 9:00, and have been overall suprised at how nice it feels to be back in school. I am really interested in the subject matter, and have almost talking myself into registering for a third class. Almost.
I was worried at first about school time taking away time from running - but I think for me, the busiest I am, the more productive because it forces me to schedule things in.
Given the ever-increasing snow, I'll probably running inside again tonight. How do you keep yourself entertained on the treadmill?


  1. Definitely music...I couldn't do a lick of cardio without music! It's also pretty handy if your treadmill or elliptical has a built-in TV. I wish I was coordinated enough to look at a magazine while doing cardio, but I'd definitely end up hurting myself!

  2. I love to watch tv, if there is one available, and of course, listen to music. :)

  3. I rely on music for the majority of my runs... whether or not they are outside or on treadmill

  4. Trashy TV shows, preferably ones with cliffhanger endings. That makes you excited about getting back on the treadmill the next time!

  5. i plan out a treadmill run. That way its less boring. I know, the dreadmmill is no fun! But you can do it.