Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shopping Day

Between church and work this morning, I did two very important things: registered for my two classes, and went back-to-school shopping at Target. My buys: a 5-subject notebook with a pink cover, a teal folder, mechanical pencils, and some new first-day  clothing (I know, I'm lame). I got a pair of dark demin jeggings and a shell to wear under one of my 500 cardigans. I live in my black jeggings, but can't wear them with my favorite brown riding boots, so I'm happy to have a denim colored pair. Do you do jeggings? I liken them to Spanx-pants: they keep everything still and where it's supposed be. My workout plan for this week:

S: Rest day, had "life" stuff to do, like laundry, church, and getting ready for school
M: Abs and arms -School night!
T: 3 miles  - School night!
W: 3 miles, Zumba or Step or Yoga
R: 2 miles speedwork, Aqua Zumba
F: 3 miles
S: 90 minute long run

I also cooked some "make ahead" items to help plan dinners for this week: chicken, ground deer meat, and a new to me food, quinoa, which will be making an apperance for tomorrow's Meatless Monday dinner.

One thing I have had to confront in getting ready for school is my lack of "everyday" clothing. I have more workout/sweats/t-shirt type clothing than I care to admit, and I have a nice work wardrobe of dress pants, cardigans, button-downs, work-even dresses, and blazers. But nothing in-between, except for 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of jeggings, 1 pair of khaki shorts, and shirts I wear underneath jackets at work. I have no cute-casual style. And I'm not sure what a twenty-something should wear to things like classes, or shopping, or anytime yoga pants are not quite dressy enough. I am VERY dressy at work, and maybe overcompensate with being super casual the rest of the time.

What's your style? Do you have a cute-casual look?


  1. I'm pretty casual too. During the weekends i live in lounge pants - and if i venture out of the house, it's usually jeans & some sort of top. Oh, and never heels. :)

  2. I WISH I had style but I'm super casual. I almost always wear jeans, but I do love accessories.... Quiona is quite tasty- what are you planning to do with it?

  3. I love dressing up dark denim jeans! Skinny jeans inside tall boots or with flats; bootcut with heels. With accessories you can even make a tshirt cute! Casual and Comfortable. My favorite outfit right after running clothes! Nothing beats tempo shorts or running tights!

  4. I'm casual too. Even my dressed up is casual :) I'm sitting here in my sweats, XXXL t-shirt (going commando...TMI, I know!) and a grungy robe (used to be white, now it's gray!)