Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Update - what's next

I still have three Disney trip reviews to share (Cinderella's Castle, Animal Kingdom + Narcososee's, and a hotel review) but thought I'd give a quick update on my day-to-day happenings. I've been fighting a head cold since we got back on Tuesday, and work has been crazy trying to catch up and cover for a co-worker who is starting a two week vacation. My workouts have been good, if short:
 - Monday: walk around Disney
- Tuesday: 1 mile easy
 - Wednesday: full body weights and 10 minutes of rather unsuccessful jump rope
 - Thursday: rest
 - Friday: 1.25 mile run, abs, 10 minute bike
 - Saturday: 60 minutes on the stair machine, abs

I hope to get a long run in tomorrow before church.

After the PR at Princess, I feel really good about how my training is going, and in what shape I'm in. Now comes the question of where to go from here. Marathon training will start the second week of June for me, so that gives me a few months to work on other things. I'm running a 7k with a group from work on March 19th, but that won't require too much prep. Here's what I'm thinking:
 - Strength train more  - once a week at least
 - Do ab work every day (anyone done the 100 sit up challenge?)
 - Keep running: easy days, speed days, long runs
  - Choose and register for an April or May half
 - Focus on making better food choices, and hopefully drop some weight/inches before marathon training starts. Weekly weigh-ins, here I come.

In the spirit of weigh-in honesty, I was 179 today (amazingly low after the bingefest at Disney). In a perfect world, I'd like to toe the start line at Chicago at 165.

What are your weekend plans? I did some home decor shopping this morning, but am working later tonight and tomorrow.


  1. You have such a great training plan- love that you add all the strength work! I SUCK at sticking with cross training because I'd rather spend the time running. So far- post 1/2 and pre next 1/2- I have been doing the p90x Ab Ripper 3x a week and have also tried their yoga video. And I REALLY DISLIKE yoga, like REALLY. BUT! I have identified some weaknesses that I want to deal with and the silly yoga poses should help...

  2. 60 minutes on the stair machine? That's tough! You rock :)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog. That is a LONG time on the stair machine! I used to do the stairs a lot and then just kinda stopped.... need to get back into that.