Thursday, March 3, 2011

Part 3: Shutters

I am a huge fan of the in-resort Disney restuarants in most cases, and we always try to eat in whatever hotel we're at at least once. I knew I would want an early bedtime before my 2:00am race-day wake up, so the husband and I choose to spend Saturday night swimming and going to Shutters.

The meal started with bread, which was good, if a little hard.

I had chicken wings for my appetizer, and they were *fantastic* - honey-y and spice coated, without being mouth hurting hot.

In the spirit of carb loading, I ordered pasta with chicken for my entree. It had a jerk seasoning, peppers, and goat cheese. Overall - ok. There is a similar dish at Boatwright's at Port Orleans Resort that is AMAZING, so this was a little bit of let down.

We skipped dessert at the restuarant and ended up going to Downtown Disney for ice cream sundae's at Giridelli's, that were amazing as always.

My grade for Shutter: 3/5. Good, not special, but our waitress was super attentive and nice, and the husband had a jerk-rubbed Ahi tuna he raved about. I would definately go there if you stay at Carribean Beach, but not sure I would make a special trip. 


  1. I'm so jealous I LOVE disney. Looks like you're having a great time!

  2. Too bad the pasta was only so so, from here it looks pretty damn tasty!