Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Three Tangent Tuesday

Thought I'd jump on this bandwagon since I love everyone elses' so much!

1. We had cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. It was the best decision of the whole wedding. There were white, chocolate, red velvet, and raspberry.

2. The husband had long Shawn-from-Boy-Meets-World hair in college. He won't let me share pictures, but trust me, they're hilarious

3. I have a slight obession with Saved the Bell. I bet I've seen every episode 20+ times. I love them all, expect the weird ones with Tori. I need Kelly Kapowski to be happy.


  1. You should do a whole wedding post! I love your cupcake tower- The Huz and I seriously considered doing that because of my cupcake obsession but we stuck with a boring old cake....
    I have to get back on the tangent bandwagon, always a great way to learn more about fellow bloggers!

  2. I'm home sick from work today and got to watch 3 episodes of Saved By The Bell on TBS. LOVE IT! They totally need to do a reunion show!

  3. Oh, Saved By the Bell. it will NEVER get old!

  4. hahahah! It's all right, cuz you're saved by the bell!

  5. I agree...Tori was odd! lol Loved Saved by the Bell, too! :0)

  6. Did you watch The College Years? They were *weird*.