Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Princess Weekend Part 2: Via Napoli, and Epcot

We started out the day in Epcot, riding Mission Space and Test Track* before heading to Via Napoli for lunch. I was super excited because all of the reviews, everyone from Disboards to the Disney Food Blog to All ears, raved about it. We were seated at the long central table, and it took a good 10 minutes before our drink order was taken. We had the deluxe dining plan this trip, so we were able to choose an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.
We orded the frito misto, basically a fried sampler platter, to share as the appetizer. It was . . fine. The calamari was chewy and tasty salty, like it wasn't well cleaned. We maybe ate a 1/4 of the whole thing - everything jsut tasted "breaded" with no real seasoning. The husband had spagetti and meatballs for his entree, and it was ok, but plain. He likened it to spagetti-os. I ordered the white lasagna, and what they brought was a few noddles literally covered in vechimel. No flavor, only four pieces of spinach I could count. Like eating the base for mac and cheese before the cheese is added. Two bites and I was done. We also noticed the tables around us got bread and oil - which weren't offered to us.

The waiter didn't ask if anything was wrong when he came to pick up my basically untouched plate and bring dessert. I ordered the Zeppoli, which are supposed to be like donuts, and the husband had tiramisu. His tiramisu was ok, but my zeppoli were cold, hard as rocks, and had the consistancy of yellow cake. Overall score for this meal: 0 of 5. Worst meal I've ever had at Disney.

After lunch, we explored the world showcase, and went back to the hotel to swim.

Up next: Dinner at Shutters

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  1. That sucks about your bad dining experience! I would have been upset, too!