Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My new Worst Race Photo

That face summarizes my whole 7K experience.

Today's eats:
Diet cherry coke, luna protein bar
Athenos greek yogurt with honey
Oats with pb, banana, 4 almonds, and chocolate chips
Then I left work and the wheels fell off . . .
2 small cupcakes
Large diet coke
Taco Bell nachos supreme, quesadilla, and enchirito
Chocolate chip cookie

Apparently the issue happens in the evenings, huh?

In between work and class I did get in a hard hills workout on the arc trainer at the Y.

What's your worse race picture?


  1. Im trying to kick my diet soda addiction so your cherry coke zero is making me drool. ;)

  2. i dont think your picture is that bad!

    And evenings are the toughest for me too, food wise. :(

  3. I don't think that race pic is bad! I have MUCH worse....
    Just a quick food suggestion- do you think that a heartier lunch might ward off those evening time munchies? My wheels would fall off for SURE if my biggest meal of the day was a greek yogurt! Throw down a turkey wrap, or a chicken breast with some veg and see if that tides you over... (not a food expert. but a serious eater!!)

  4. That photo is not bad at all!! Congrats on the race. Mine was a very close-up double chin one and it was festive so I was wearing a santa hat! Ugh talk about awful! Lol