Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoe time!

I've been fighting with my shins lately, and realized part of the reason that everything was achy might be the fact that I've been running soley in my Brooks Dyads since December. I went to my favorite local running store and told them my concerns: need to accomodate my orthotics, would like more support than my Dyads, and want a wide toebox. I left with these:

 Gel Kayano 17s, Limited Edition. Even though I'm "not running" until my shins don't hurt, I took these out for an easy mile, and they felt amazing. My only concern is they look "fast" something I, in fact, am not.

I also got a copy of the group picture our work group took at the 7k:

My eats for today:
Luna protein bar
Diet cherry coke
Lunch from the work cafeteria: 5oz ribeye and 1/2 cup green beans, iced tea
2 mini reese eggs
Home made taco  - beans, corn, mushrooms, salsa and shredded chicken in a whole wheat tortilla
1 piece red velvet cake

The husband has been traveling for work all week, so I've been stopping to see mom (a baker) every day this week. Normally the obsurb amounts of sweets aren't there (though therotically other food is)

I did try a bigger lunch today, which seemed to work better than my typically smaller work day foods.

How often do you buy new running shoes?

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  1. i like the shoes! I just bought shoes back in November, so i think i'm covered for a few more months.