Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy days

This has been a crazy week - and I've even been on "Spring Break" from my two classes! I have been able to work out every night, though - even getting in a good speedwork session. I haven't been as "good" with my eating as I would have liked, but haven't made too many bad choices. The husband bought a car, work has been extremely busy, and I have a massive final project to complete for one of my classes.

I also have a race this weekend - a 7k that the husband is also running. I did some mile repeats Monday, and am feeling like I can run it at about an 11:00-11:30 pace.

I promise longer post later - I'm in the middle of booking our cruise for August!


  1. Sometimes "vacation" weeks are the most insane because it is when we (as adults) catch up on things!
    Where are you going on your cruise? Sounds like fun!
    Good luck with your 7K- that is an interesting distance- is it a St. Patricks day race that requires costume?

  2. This is my Spring Break and I have been crazy busy! I'm trying to get in all the things I don't have time for normally.

    Good luck with your race this weekend!!

  3. Good luck at your race! And luck you - a cruise to look forward to! :)