Thursday, March 3, 2011

Part 4: Princess Half Marathon Race Recap, my 16 minute PR!

My alarm went off at 2:00, and I was up, showered, and dressed by 3:05.I wore (because I enjoy reading this from other people):
  • Nike capris
  • Nike airborne running tank and airborne sports bra
  • VS seamless bikinis
  • A sparkle skirt
  • My timex ironman
  • Balega socks
  • Brooks Dyads
  • My pink ipod shuffle
The bus stop my part of the hotel only had two other ladies waiting when I got there, and we waiting less than 5 minutes on a bus, though the other stops around the resort were much more crowded, and had long lines waiting for buses. I arrived at the race at 3:45, ate a bagel with butter from the consection stand, browsed race merchandize. and dropped off my bag. My biggest complaint about this race: How far the start was from the drop off point - at least a half mile, if not more!

I was in corral C, so after the first two corrals started, I made my way near the front, and was off! I had three mental goals for this race: sub-2:50, running the whole first 7 miles, and  keeping an even pace in the start of the race. Miles 1 (11:43) and 2 (11:00) were run in the dark, and went by super quickly. By the time we got near Magic Kingdom at Mile 5, I was feeling really good. I hit the 5 mile at 58:02. Running through the castle was such a special moment - I was definately teary. To know how far I have come as a runner and a person  in such a really short amount of time was a wonderful feeling.

Miles 6 and 7 went through the Magic Kingdom and started back onto the highway to Epcot. I hit the half way point at 1:15, and was feeling really good, so I decided to try to run a new continous-running record, and run the first 10 miles, beating my old record by a full three miles. By mile 9, it was getting hot, and the course had little support along the roadway. I was struggling, but detetmined. At mile 9, I was at 1:48:30. I hit mile 10 at 1:59:10. I then took a short break until the next water station, and began to run again. I did mile 10 in a 5:1 run'wal ratio,  and started mile 11 in a 3/3, but ended up walking up a few long overpasses. By mile 12, we were reentering Epcot. Eveything in my body was tired - but I pushed as hard as I could - walking some, running the last 1/4 mile. I crossed the finish line in 1:40:46. a 16:09 PR.

The husband was waiting at the end with a glitterly flower:
His reaction to the day: that he'd never seen more men in drag in one place in his life. There were men as snow white, in tiaras, in ball gowns.

After a shower for me and nap for the Hubs, we went to Epcot to explore the world showcase. We had a quick and yummy lunch at San Angel Inn, followed by a much enjoyed Plum Green Tea Slush from World of Tea in Japan.

Note: I have a slight Duffy obessession. Yes, this makes me a dork.

Up next: Dinner with Cinderella


  1. OMG, that's so AWESOME! You should be SO PROUD of yourself for all you've accomplished!!

  2. What an awesome race- excellent job, and what a blast! Anything Disney makes me happy- I'm loving the pics...

  3. Congrats on your new PR! That's always a great feeling to beat it by so much!

  4. Yay!! What a great race!! And so awesome you PR'd it!!

  5. This race sunds magical!! A HUGE, GIANT, MONSTROUS congrats on your PR!!

  6. Congrats on the PR!!! :) That's awesome!

  7. To PR at Disneyworld? What a treat. Nice job. Your husband sounds great, love the flower, how classy.

  8. Sounds GREAT to me - a PR AND disney???? I'm already planning on this race in 2012. Too cool.

    You have a new follower too! Cheers!
    L Finch

  9. That is awesome! Congrats on your awesome PR!!!