Thursday, April 14, 2011

This could be dangerous!

Last night, the husband and I ran the first 4 miles of Saturday’s 10k course – and it is rough: super hilly, curvy, and un-shaded. After about 20 minutes of trying to run the hub’s 11:00 “easy” pace,  I had a small mental meltdown, but was able to keep running intervals until the end.
After the run, we went to try out our area’s first fro-yo place, a Red Mango that opened last week. I have had major yogurt and topping envy from everyone else’s blogs, and was super excited to try the goodness for myself. Let me tell you, this could get addicting very quickly – there are so many options!  I had a medium bowl of half plain/half raspberry cheesecake yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and fruity pebbles. Amazing – so much better than ice cream! When I was in college, there was a fro-yo place we went to all the time, and I have it missed it terribly (it was before the idea of adding one’s own toppings existed, but it was still awesome).
What is your favorite yogurt combination?


  1. *sigh* My computer hates me and I had a yummy fabulous Red Mango post and then it disappeared. :) Anyways... I'm in love with Red Mango. I usually get their plain yogurt flavor, whatever it's called. It's not too sweet, kinda tart, delicious. For toppings I'll get strawberries or blueberries, rainbow sprinkles, and mochi pieces. SO good!

  2. I love fro-yo but just moved to a small town and haven't found any yet. I just like plain vanilla, but then covered with any kind of candy!
    Love reading your blog!

  3. I'm a recovering fro-yo addict! I always try most of them, but always end up getting the plain tart with strawberries, pineapple and kiwi :)
    Good luck on the race, drinks lots of water

  4. Mmm, Red Mango! And I just recently found out they will be opening a Yogurtland near me, which is similar but it is self-serve so you can get a little bit of this and a little bit of that. My favorite toppings at Red Mango are strawberries and yogurt chips over vanilla.

    Good luck on your race!

  5. Oooh Fro-yo - yes it is definitely addicting!!

  6. we just got fro yo places recently in Pittsburgh too! I love cake batter and chocolate with M&Ms and fruit--although I'm known to sample every flavor and topping in one big cup :-P Good luck in the race!