Saturday, April 2, 2011

IU Alumni Association 5k

Another weekend, another spur of the moment 5k. I decided yesterday to run this race, held in conjunction with a half marathon (that was way to hilly for me to consider), and went to a very crowded packet pick up last night. The race changed organizer's this year, from a student group to the alumni association, who nixed the idea of an expo, and decided instead to do a simple packet pickup. I got my tshirt and a "goody bag" with safety pins, a coupon for a local bookstore, and a city visitors guide.
   This morning, I parked about 10 minutes away from the start to give myself a warm up distance. After a jog and a quick use of a (remarkable gross!) porta potty, I joined 385 runners at the start line. It was super cold  - 38 and windy.
   The first 1/2 mile was downhill, following by a super steep uphill and a few rolling inclines. I hit the one mile mark at 10:10. By the next steep climb, I knew a PR was not possible, but set a goal for myself: even knowing the crazy inclines to come, I was determined not to walk a single step. To date, I had only continously ran 4 other 5ks, including the one last weekend. All of those had been flat, fast courses. I hit the water stop at Mile 2 at 21:30. (I don't typically drink during 5ks).
      Mile 3 had a few flat stretches on brick pathways around the IU campus, but it opened up onto a steep climb. Everyone around me was walking, but I powered through, and made it to the finish feeling burning quads and a burning sense of accomplishment. My watch showed 34:19. My official results:
228    1427   Savannah Crane Alley   00:34:26   11:06   F       24    53 F-19 to 24    

I spent the rest of my morning grocery shopping and working on the hour before heading to work at 2:00. I did some serious revamping of my grocery cart based on the food journaling I've been doing the past two weeks!

Question: Do you have a garmin? What model? What do you like, and what don't you like about the one you have?     


  1. Great job! Races are so fun-I love the commraderie involved !

    I have a Garmin 305 and love it. It is probably a lot cheaper than the 405 right now too :)

  2. Once I fully recover from my knee injury I want to get back to running a 5K continuously - I've really only done 1 so far. Way to power through the hill!! Great job!!

    I want to get a Garmin - I've got my eye on the 310XT so I can (potentially) use it for biking and swimming. Knowing me, I wonder if I need the extras as I'll probably only use it for running! :)