Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 1 of Marathon Training

Happy memorial day, everyone! To those of your serving our country, or who have served -THANK YOU!

My first run of training for Chicago began today! I'm working second shift for the long weekend, so after getting up at 9:00 and eating breakkie with DH, I headed out at 10:30 for the easy 2-miler that's on my schedule (I'll share the whole plan with you later). It was already a humid 84 in Indiana, after begin in the fifties  ans sixties all last week. It was like I couldn't breathe- miserably hot. Those two miles felt anything but easy, but I managed to finish in 23:14.

About one big life change I mentioned early: DH and I know own 125 DVC points at Bay Lake Tower! Our first trip on points will be for marathon weekend in Janurary (and no, I still don't know what race I'm running) in a lakeview studio. I researched DVC for almost a year before we bought in, and would be happy to do a longer post - or a reader question post - about DVC if you'd like.

How did you spend memorial day?


  1. Welcome back!

    What exactly is DVC?

  2. What is DVC???

    Congrats on starting up your training plan and kudos to running 2 miles in such icky weather! Good job!!!!

  3. Yay for starting a new training plan!! And running in the humidity - ugh!

    How cool - Bay Lake!! I've been on the verge (for awhile) of buying in but I haven't decided which one so I'll take any advice, hints or tips you have discovered.